Online Motion Planning


  • Tuesdays, 12:30 st - 14:00, LBH Raum E08
  • Thursdays, 12:30 st - 14:00, LBH Raun E08
  • Begin: 11.10.2012


The exams will take place on 05.02.2013 and 26.03.2013.


Background in Computational Geometry will be helpful but is not necessary.


We will concern ourselves with algorithmic aspects of motion planning, i.e. efficient Algorithms for motion planning problems for autonomous agents will be presented.

In contrast to other motion planning tasks we will consider motion planning under incomplete information: At the beginning, we do not have at hand all the information necessary to find an optimal or a correct path. Therefore our topic belongs to the realm of Online algorithms. We will compare online strategies to optimal offline strategies to measure their quality.

Exercise Groups

  • weekly
  • Exercise Groups: on thursdays 14-16 or 16-18 in room E.08, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144
  • Begin: 18.10.2012

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You will find Slides for the Window Shopper Problem and the Spiral Search here: Professor Klein's notes. Caution! These notes are not proofread. They probably contain errors. Do not use them as primary source.

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